This beard is hard to shave

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I found a hat at work.

It’s 9:57pm.

I’m thinking of the life I live and how I want to run away from it. 

Lean into the trees and never think of things that trapped me,

The wind blowing me towards a path surrounded by boulders.

By the gods I wish I it was simple enough to ease away from it.

The pressure and weight of all the things that have bound me,

The yearning for all the things that should fall from my shoulders.

The building and gathering of the puzzles and the sight of it.

The piles of debt and blind motivation for the need of me,

But I have never once needed those facts in their folders.

So I sit here in wallowing in the dark, surrounded by it.

Attempting to not let it mold and devour me,

Begging for someone to come near and maintain my composure.

Presidential Campaign and Issues I Want Addressed

Pro choice
Pro lgbtqia rights
Restructure taxes to a inflation governed flat rate
Restructure education to support lower income schools more and high income schools less
Weed decriminalization
Military reduction by 20% over 10 years to support lower taxes and more civil works projects
Remove sugar tariffs
Fix the Cuba problem
Solar/wind/water/geothermal power growth
Mental Heath focus, increased awareness and long term removal of the taboo

This is my desk. Its super busy today. Obviously.

Ever been so lonely you cant find motivation to do anything?