This beard is hard to shave

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I want to direct a porno called “Battle of the Bulge”. A two woman one man three way where the woman are military specialists from the confederate and union armies battling for a farmers cock behind enemy lines.

You know that sexual tension when you look at a slice of pizza?


I don’t give a shit who you date or sleep with except for one thing; if they are obviously not good to you.

Like boys? Like girls? Like both? Maybe neither?

Don’t care. Do they abuse you in anyway, verbally, physically, or otherwise?

Now there’s an issue.

Otherwise, go fucking be happy and get married and have kids and shit. Or don’t. Whatever.


Easier to talk to people in your fandoms.

They all might as well live in a different time zone, and if you wanna frick-frack one, they be on the god-dammed moon.

KINK-SHAMERS UNITE: diceman: kinksterbullshit: diceman: kinksterbullshit: porn. just....






just. don’t.

No, fuck listening to this dude you’re quoting right here.

Aside from being part of a website that calls Homosexuality “harmful and unnatural” and abortion “a destructive force in women’s…

Any ladies like to back us up on this?

I think my parents are having sex downstairs.

Please, be a dear and sit on my face.

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